IMIEF Rewards Terms & Conditions

IMI Equestrian | Footwear 
Referral Rewards Program 2023

Our Rewards program allows you to build up points + rewards and exchange them for credit towards your purchase of Kingsley Products* through indie mode inc or one of our participating dealers (Please visit our "Dealers" page where the participating dealers will have a * beside their names). To sign up to our program, click on the REWARDS icon in the lower right hand corner of our website. Then follow the prompts.


Referral and Rewards points are collected either online or manually. Online Rewards are earned through signing up and social sharing. Manual points are entered when a referred custom order is placed. Rewards are earned from the referred customers’ purchase of all Kingsley items. Orders must me 100% COMPLETED for points to be applied to the referrer. $1 (net) spent = 1 Reward Point. 100 Rewards Points = $5.  The customer must name you as their referrer within 60 day of purchase in order for the points to be valid and collected. Only one person can collect referral points per customer transaction.


Rewards and Points never Expire.


Rewards Points are non-transferable.


Rewards and Points have NO CASH VALUE and are only to be used toward merchandise purchases only.


*Points and rewards can not be collected or used on Saddle Purchases.