Kingsley D2 Saddle with Velcro Knee Blocks
Kingsley D2 Saddle with Velcro Knee Blocks
Kingsley D2 Saddle with Velcro Knee Blocks

Kingsley D2 Saddle with Velcro Knee Blocks

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Kingsley D2 Saddle Features:

  • Short panels
  • Freedom around the shoulders
  • Steel-suspended tree
  • Adjustable Velcro Knee Blocks
  • Top quality leather
  • Close contact with the horse
  • Available in black, brown, cognac, navy and grey
  • Girth locks across the saddle tree, no front girth
  • A perfect fit for most round-ribbed horses
  • Available in brown and black.
  • In sizes 17 up to 18 inches.




Can customize:


Spare Kneeblocks (for dressage saddles with velcro)

$ 205.00

Longer / Shorter flaps

$ 205.00

Option other colour standard leather on the cantle

$ 205.00

Option croco / aligator on the cantle

$ 379.00

Option patent leather on the cantle

$ 279.00

Option other special leathers on the cantle

$ 339.00

Option Swarovski on the cantle

$ 389.00

Option Swarovski initials on the cantle (2 letters)

$ 679.00

Steel-suspended tree

The flexible tree adjust perfectly to the back of the horse and offers increased comfort to both horse and rider.  

Anatomically shaped panels

The innovative panels enable the horse to lower its hindquarters and ensure greater support and optimal pressure distribution.  

Uniquely shaped sweat flaps

The uniquely shaped sweat flaps ensure optimal development and additional freedom of movement for the horse. 

Top quality leather  

The high quality leather ensures the sustainability of the saddle. You can be sure to enjoy the saddle for years. 

100% wool flocking

The panels are filled with 100% wool. Wool is more sustainable than synthetic materials and will not shift.  

Additional comfort

An additional foam layer in the seat ensures increased comfort for the rider.